With the opening of the new VAHS Healing Centre in 2023, our Dental Clinic will be expanding to 3 service locations! To support this growth, we will be hiring for several positions to begin in mid- to late-2023, including:

  • Certified Dental Assistants (6 Full Time)
  • Registered Hygienists (2 Part Time, potential for Full Time)
  • Dental Receptionists (4 Full Time)
  • Dentists (4 Full Time)
  • Dental Lab Technicians (1-2 Full Time)
  • Dental Device Reprocessing Technician (1 Full Time)
  • Specialists, multiple areas (Part Time)

Full job postings for each of these positions will be available soon.

For more information on these opportunities, please contact Lex Vides at [email protected]