Elder Tu'wusht Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society
Elders and Cultural Programs

Cultural Programs and Elder connections

The impacts of colonization, intergenerational and ongoing traumas have left many with a negative or absent connection to their Indigenous identity, community and culture. The Cultural programs acknowledges the necessity of culture in supporting resilience and the healing journey.

Program Services:

  • One to one visit with an Indigenous Elder

  • Access to healthcare providers

  • Access to Indigenous ceremony – Sweat lodge, Burning ceremony, Seasonal feasts, etc.

  • Therapeutic listening

  • Advocacy

  • Referrals to health and social services – including detox centers, alcohol and drug counselling, and housing support

  • Cultural Teaching Circles (see activities below)

Cultural Teaching Circles (every Thursday from 12- 2 pm at VAHS):

  • Ceremonies: Seasonal ceremonies, smudging, feasts, cedar brushing and more

  • Crafts: Jewelry making, beading, cedar weaving, drum making

  • Holistic wellness teachings

  • Traditional prayers and songs

  • Harvesting medicines

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