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four people around a pow wow drum

Support quality health services and culture 

The complicated funding structure between federal and provincial governments continues to hinder attempts to create and sustain programs that produce long-term results. For socio-economic reasons, it takes longer for our clients and patients to feel the benefits of health care and social services. This is often due to complex and overlapping barriers to wellness, as well as the impacts of colonialism on our community. 

Meaningful results from programs and services can take years to emerge, and funding report deadlines are often too early, risking the elimination of essential services before they can show these impacts. More significantly, the defining of ‘progress’ is most often left to non-Indigenous funding providers, effectively disregarding Indigenous understandings of health and wellness.

Much more needs to be done to protect Indigenous culture from tokenism so that quality services and culture can exist simultaneously. VAHS continues to create a culturally safe health care environment that provides wellness and healing for all.