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Our Dental Clinic is now in its eleventh year of operation as a volunteer-run facility. Apart from one paid managerial staff member, the clinic’s services are provided entirely by volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, and dental students. 

Dental Clinic Hours of Operation

Service Changes Due to COVID-19

The Dental Clinic is reactivating services following the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia's guidelines of Defining Care - this means our dentists will determine which urgent services can be provided to patients at this time.

We are currently only providing Emergent and Essential (urgent) care.

Please call or email the office to access a pre-screening process. We will contact you either to provide phone support or a potential appointment.

Appointment Only - No Walk-Ins please.

Reduced hours vary reflecting the changing situation. Please call or email to confirm times.

Regular Hours for Clinical Services

Monday, Tuesday and Friday

WALK-IN BASIS from 8:45 am to 12:30 pm

The clinic will halt the patient daily intake once the maximum patient capacity has been reached.

Administrative Services

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Closed for lunch from (12:30 pm - 1:30 pm)

Treatments Offered

  • Walk-In: Dental exams, cancer screening, x-rays, prescriptions, dental fillings, simple dental extractions.

  • By Appointment (once the initial exam is completed): Cleanings, complicated extractions, major surgical treatments, root canals.

Treatments that we don’t provide

  • Full Sedation

  • Orthodontic treatments

  • Prosthodontic treatment (crowns, bridges, dentures, partial dentures)

  • Cosmetic treatments (veneers, teeth whitening)

  • Documents

General patient intake policy

  • Everybody is welcome.

  • If the person has coverage (ministry/status), they are asked to bring their IDS. No exceptions are granted.

  • Examples of IDs needed: Care card number, Indigenous status, parole (ID card & officer’s contact information), interim federal health program (IFHP-UCI #), healthy kids’ program, dental insurances, etc.

  • If the person does not have any type of dental coverage, a donation fee will be suggested at the time of the screening (please refer to our internal suggested donation fee schedule).

  • Any patient’s need will be evaluated based on our daily capacity and budgetary limitations.

  • We reserve the right to deny any treatment at any time.

  • We reserve the right to screen our patients and prioritize treatment.

Booking an appointment (over the phone/email)

The patient's contact information will be needed to book an appointment. The information should include:

  • Full legal name

  • Care card and/or status card information (if handy)

  • Phone number(s)

  • Email address

  • Preferred contact method

Note: For any patient booking an appointment, if two consecutive “NO-SHOWS” are recorded in our system, the office reserves the right to deny any further appointments and to remove the patient from the waiting list.

The fee schedule for individuals under Income Assistance, Status, Refugees, Parole:

  • We bill each of the Government's programs without any exception.

  • It is the patient’s responsibility to bring his/her care card number, status card, refugee letter, parole card with the officer's contact information.

  • We will not accept any patient without this information.

  • It is the patient's responsibility to cover by donation any outstanding cost for all those treatments that are not covered under their respective programs (see fee schedule for people without any dental coverage).

  • Our office reserves the right to deny treatment beyond our office capacity and budgetary limitations.

Suggested donations for individuals without dental coverage

Donations are meant to keep this community service running. Please consider donating to help us to support our community.

Donation suggested fee schedule (cost may vary depending on the degree of difficulty and amount of work):

  • $20 for general exam and X-ray (without treatment)
  • $5 for every additional X-ray taken
  • $20 - $250 for dental extractions depending on the degree of difficulty
  • $40 - $150 for dental fillings depending on the degree of difficulty
  • $10 dental sealants (SFF)
  • $65 - $80 for dental cleaning from 1 – 2 appointments
  • $150 root canal for anterior teeth (single root)
  • $250 root canal for posterior teeth (multiple roots)

Donation methods are:

  • Cash

  • Cheques issued: Under Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society – memo: dental clinic donation

  • Online – Online service and using under the memo section: dental clinic donation. An email confirmation will be asked to proof this type of donation method

Root Canals and Surgical treatments

Not every root canal and surgical treatments are the same, therefore special considerations will be given to extremely complex extractions, re-treatment of root canals, highly complex multiple root canals and apical chronic tooth infections.

Click HERE for Referral Form (PDF)

Click HERE for Medical History Form (PDF)

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